January 2013
We're breaking records & planning events for SPACE!

Hey Phusers

January has been a month of blowing through records for The Phuse! More work hours (775!), more active projects, more cups of coffee consumed than ever... well there’s no proof of that last one, but with 7 full-timers on the team working on over a dozen active projects, we think it’s a fair assumption.

We have a new mascot, too, who is also powered by coffee(scripts). Phusebot haunts the chatroom and provides all sorts of entertainment, and our developers get some good coding practice writing new games and the occasional useful feature for him! He hasn’t taken over the world yet but we have high hopes and SciFi dreams.

What is everyone working on? Besides the normal websites and applications, we are putting new processes in place, organizing our schedules, pioneering open-source initiatives, and planning an event in Toronto for the NASA SpaceApps Challenge. We hope you can join us for the last one! We’ll let you know more about it as the April 19-21 date approaches.

Who is this dude?

Circuits - Learn Stuff!

Storytelling, Personas, and How to Improve Your Deliverables

To avoid the confusion caused by conflicting terminology and unclear roles, we use storytelling as a tool in our design process.

What we’ve found is that including storytelling in our mockups improves the communication between us and our clients.

That’s all for now, stay warm and keep moving.

Your friends, The Phuse Team

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If, however, you have grander plans (idea for a new project has been itching at your brain, perhaps?) I encourage you to go to this page and fill out our project questionnaire. It’s targeted to help you get a grasp on the scope of your project, it only takes a few minutes, and you just might learn something valuable in the process.