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We decided to ask a few of our clients (that’s you!) if they’d be interested in a monthly email newsletter that would show off what we’ve been working on and that would feature news from past and present clients. We’re glad to find that everyone agreed it would be an incredible idea, and so here we are with out first issue for May 2011!

It's a little bare as we've left out the client bulletin and some more sections we're looking at putting together for future issues, but we thought we'd send out the first issue and see what you all thought! That being said, if you do have news on your project you'd like to be included in a future issue, make sure you hit the "Send us news on your project" button below.

May has been an exciting month over at The Phuse. We’ve been hard at work at some awesome sites and web applications, and at the beginning of the month hired Matt Felten to our team full-time.

That being said, we’re excited to be starting on a few new projects in June and will be having some that we’ve been working on launched. Please feel free to let us know if you need us, and how your project is doing - we love keeping touch!

Have an awesome month!

James Costa, Creative Director

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