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Phuseletter March 2012


March has been crazy! In the first two weeks of this month our awesome team of dedicated creatives surpassed all goals and milestones from the entire month of February. Wow. That’s progress.

Of course, the sudden influx of work forced us to put personal projects like our eagerly awaited portfolio redesign on the backburners. But that’s OK because good things are happening!

What good things? I’m glad you asked! Let’s start with our two new team members.

Team News & Updates

Tom Tamera Jessica

Meet Tom Neal, from the UK. He is a designer with extensive experience in user interfaces and an excellent sense of humor. We’ve even treated you with a taste of his handywork today. It’s right in front of you: he designed this month’s Phuseletter!

Tamera Mitchell is our latest hire, reigning from northern Utah. She's a developer who is not only always upbeat with the latest development techniques, but cooks her own bread, pizza, and beef jerky!

We’d also like to welcome Jessica Samaroo, our new “office” manager, who will be helping James out with sales, bookkeeping, and various other day-to-day details so that he can give our clients and the designs we love the attention they deserve.

Master Services Agreement

Another thing everyone should be aware of is our new Master Services Agreement. In an effort to make our contract more fair to our clients, we’ve revised our MSA, shaving off 800 words in the process.

Jessica will be getting in touch with current clients in April to resign this agreement and to make sure that everyone understands the terms of the revised agreement. While resigning the new agreement is not necessary for old contracts, and it won’t affect the rendering of services at all, it is still highly recommended.

Freshly Pressed

Finally, for a bit of reading lighter than revised contracts, we recommend these articles from the past month on our blog:

James muses about The Value of Appreciation and how positive reinforcement from clients and team members helps everyone work better under tight deadlines.

Lorem Ipsum Is a Crutch by Matt discusses filler text in designs, and how content should always precede design.

Another article by Matt, Why You Should Throw Away The Best Idea You Ever Had, is about idea generation and how creative people can ruin good ideas by getting too close to them.

What a busy month! Until next time, with tender love and care,

The Phuse Team

James, Erik, Matt, Jenna, Mitch, Tom, Tamera, and Jessica

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*Maybe it’s his phone that’s magic. We’re still not sure, but have hired a Private Investigator to snoop around. Don’t tell James.

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