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Phuseletter May 2012
Phuseletter May 2012

What up peeps!

May was craaaaazy busy for our team and we loved every second of it. Here’s what happened:

  • James spent many days over a span of three weeks volunteering and having fun with 2,500 youth leaders from all across Ontario at Camp Olympia. He DJ’d and gave motivating speeches and tried super hard not to look at his iPhone messages every 5 minutes. But it didn’t matter because the team had his back!

  • Matt spent an entire month in the Toronto area, visiting friends, working his butt off on The Phuse stuff, and invading James’ apartment. Now he has relocated to Austin, Texas where he’ll be setting up shop and getting a wicked tan.

  • We had our first Internal Hack Days at The Phuse, where we take a two day break from everything else to work on internal projects. This month the time was used to polish RePhuse, our new design, which we’ve slated to launch in June! (No, for real this time).

Freshly Pressed

On top of all that moving around and busy-ness, the team still managed to write four original articles for the blog:

Corporately Craptastic Content: Avoiding It with Your Clients
Corporately craptastic content is one of the most frustrating things to deal with as a copywriter. Especially when it comes from our clients.

The Future of the Web Is Responsive
Wherever you’re reading this, you’ll know that the web can be accessed from pretty much anywhere nowadays. Technology is naturally adapting to our ever-changing lifestyles… and that’s a good thing.

Build Responsive Websites Faster with Sass
With new CSS box-sizing options and the latest version of Sass, developers can build responsive web sites much easier now, with a combination of a few new tools at our disposal.

A Brief Matter
Content strategy starts where all client projects start: with the brief.

Until next time. Signing off,

The Phuse Team

James, Erik, Matt, Jenna, Mitch, Tom, Tamera, and Jessica

P.S. James' birthday is on June 26th, and Jenna's birthday is on June 20th. Send them gag gifts!

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