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Phuseletter July 2012
Phuseletter July 2012

Dear Phusers and Friends,

Over the last month our international team of superheroes has done more flying around than usual. Matt and Mitch took leave of Austin and Bristol, respectively, to join James, Mike Masci and Tamas Perlaky for a 3-day brandathon sprint in Toronto.

Their shotgun tour of the city was given over entirely to conference rooms and dry-erase boards, cool restaurants (thanks, Cristina!), and beating back great ideas with a stick. Details of that project are still under wraps, but we want to extend a heartfelt thanks to Tamas and everyone else involved for their efforts!

In other team-related news, internal projects are progressing at a faster pace thanks to the success of a project that james piloted called Random Hack Days. For 2 days at the end of each month, we all stop what we’re doing and pivot to work on internal projects only: things like newsletters and blogs, bug fixes and minor improvements to, and a nifty little team app called P.A.M (Phuse Availability Monitor).

Phuse Activity Monitor

Applications we create during these sessions will be useful for both our clients and our team. We work across great distances and automating some of the more complicated aspects of project management will benefit everyone.

Circuits: Freshly Pressed

Dev Talk with Dave Rupert (an interview)

Creativity on the Job (an article)

Web Developer Hulks Out Over Busted Internet (a comic strip)

How to Style 4 Tricky Elements with CSS3 (a tutorial)

Bon Voyage

Unfortunately, this month is not all applause and progress. We regret that we also have to take this opportunity to bid farewell to Erik Evensen, the talented brand designer who has been with us for over a year. He accepted a full-time teaching position for the upcoming academic year at Ohio State University, and as such he has to limit how much extra work he can take on. We are sad to see him leave but know that he is doing what makes him happy. Thanks for all your hard work over the past year, Erik, and god speed!

The Phuse Team,

James, Matt, Jenna, Mitch, Tom, Tamera, and Jessica

P.S. James will be teaching at a youth leadership camp during the last week in August and only available via email during that time (Aug. 26-31). The rest of the team will be readily available during normal hours.

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