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Phuseletter August 2012
Phuseletter August 2012

Phusers and Friends,

Not a day goes by when we are not amazed by how fast The Phuse is growing. August was another insanely busy month, and when James returns from Youth Leadership camp on September 4th, he’ll be conducting interviews with a very talented pool of applicants to hire—yes, really—a new designer *and* a new front-end developer.

To handle our growing team and the increasing project load, Matt will be assuming a new role as Project Manager as of September 1st. In addition to bringing clients on board and managing their projects, Matt will be handling budgets and timelines, and doing everything in his power to give our clients a pleasant experience from beginning to end. This also frees up some of James’ time to focus on creative direction and other parts of the growing company.

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Dev Talk with Chris Kelly

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Team Bulletin

Jenna went on a hot air balloon ride, and made a free crochet pattern which you can download here.

Matt started hanging out at Conjunctured, a coworking space in a repurposed house in Austin’s east end.

Tami learned how to edit podcasts (for a top secret project!).

James bought his first car. He named her Maria, and uses it mostly to shuttle between Starbucks locations. (This is his first car, go easy on him Toronto traffic!)

And one last piece of happy news: Tom got engaged! Congratulations, Tom and Jamie! We better be invited to the bachelor party.

The Phuse Team,

James, Matt, Jenna, Mitch, Tom, Tamera, and Jessica

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If, however, you have grander plans (idea for a new project has been itching at your brain, perhaps?) I encourage you to go to this page and fill out our project questionnaire. It’s targeted to help you get a grasp on the scope of your project, it only takes a few minutes, and you just might learn something valuable in the process.